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Upcoming Industry Events:

HISCI Contracting Committee Conference Call
Date TBD

HISCI Product/Inventory Codes Committee Conference Call
May 11, 3 PM EDT

HISCI Cross-Referencing Committee Conference Call
Date TBD

HISCI Vendor Credentialing Committee Conference Call
Date TBD

HISCI Board of Directors Conference Call
June 14

HISCI Board of Directors Meeting
August 28, Scottsdale, Ariz.

HISCI Board of Directors Conference Call
October 25

HISCI Board of Directors Conference Call
December 6





Upcoming Industry Events: 


The Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI) is a collaborative association dedicated to improving and increasing efficiencies within the healthcare supply chain specifically for companies who work with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and their integrated delivery networks (IDNs),


Do you currently work with a GPO?

Yes! HISCI can strengthen your relationship and make it more efficient and effective. HISCI members share best practices, participate in educational activities, and network with others in the healthcare supply chain to serve as a true performance improvement organization.

Not at this time. HISCI can educate you on the value that GPOs bring to the supply chain and your company. With over $120 billion in contracted annual purchasing volume, GPOs add value and efficiency. HISCI offers education and networking with GPOs that you need to grow your market share.


Who joins HISCI?

HISCI is not an association reserved only for large suppliers and manufacturers. Here is our list of members… we’d like to add you.

Our membership dues are designed to make your decision easier. Participate in this vital piece of the supply chain via networking, education, our GPO member directory, the Small Supplier Portal, and more.

Watch this YouTube video to hear about the benefits of HISCI from current HISCI members: 

We’d like to hear from you.

Call us at (202) 367-1185 or email Let us know what we can do to better serve you.